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Prof. Anthony B. Watts

Professor of Marine Geology and Geophysics

Fields Trips


        Research Cruises

        Selected highlights



Amazon, NE Brazil








Fiji, SW Pacific




Owens Valley, CA


Mendip Hills




      Rocks, landscapes and seascapes



Portland Stone Formation, Freshwater Bay, Portland



Precambrian stratovolcano, Hanko, Finland



The De La Beche unconformity (Mid.Jur/Early Carb), Somerset


Sunset in the south-west Pacific Ocean


Cretaceous chalk dry valley, The Manger, White Horse Hill, Oxfordshire

Quartz gabbro and dolerite intrusion, St. David's Head, Pembroke

Flexed Miocene ignimbrites, San Jose Mountains, California

Bioturbated bedding planes, Carb. limestone, Somerset


Sheeted dyke complex, Musandam Mountains, UAE









Pillow lavas, Musandam Mountains, UAE