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Prof. Anthony B. Watts

Professor of Marine Geology and Geophysics



Recent courses

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4th Year - Anatomy of a Mountain Belt (with M. P. Searle)
3rd year - Sedimentary Basins
2nd year - Geophysical Methods in Geology and field trip to the Mendip Hills (with M. Worthington and C. Mac Niocaill). Field trip to Assynt (with M. Searle and D. Waters)
2nd year - Field trip to Dorset (with R. Rickaby and O. Green)
1st year - Field trip to Arran (with D. Waters)
1st year - Planet Earth: The Cenozoic World, The Last Million Years and Plate Tectonics


MESc. Research Projects (26 completed)


Tectonic evolution of the Luangwa rift valley and Bangweula basin of northeastern Zambia (with M. Daly) - Scott Davis


Quantifying tectonic and erosion-driven uplift in the Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains of East Antarctica (with F. Ferraccioli, BAS) - Guy Paxman* - S,Shell

Subsidence history, flexure and crustal structure of the rifted continental margin of North West Australia (with R. Hackney, GA) - Sian Evans


Gravity and magnetic anomalies and the deep structure of the Parnaiba cratonic basin, Brazil (with S. L. Fontes - Rio de Janeiro) - Lucy Andrew - Shell

Structure, Subsidence and Uplift history and evolution of the Louisville Hotspot track (with L. Kalnins and M. Paulatto) - Rebecca Morgan* - S

Magnetic and gravity signatures and structural history of the Tasmantid Seamounts (with L. Kalnins) - Fred Richards* - BP


Subsidence history, flexure and dynamic topography of the United Arab Emirates foreland basin - Thomas Phillips*

Tectonic subsidence of rifted margins and long-term sea-level change - James Bowles

A global study of swath bathymetry data and the depth of the seafloor with time- Adam Robinson*



The distribution, morphology and structure of seamounts on the South-West Indian Ocean Ridge - Elisabeth Muller*



The distribution of seamounts in space and time and their effect on biological productivity (with H. Bouman) - Holly Rouse-Sweeney

A marine geophysical study of the Tonga Trench - Louisville Ridge collisional system in the SW Pacific ocean- Daniel Frost*



Gravity constraints on the western limit of the Semail ophiolite in the northwestern Oman mountains- Deborah Lee



Gravity anomalies over the United Arab Emirates foreland and their tectonic implications- Melanie Savage - S

Tectonics, flexure, and the uplift of the Transantarctic Mountains - Charlotte Moss


The deep seismic structure of the Cape Verde hotspot swell- Jonathan Pim - BP

Tectonics, flexure and uplift of the Sierra Nevada, California- Ross Parnell-Turner*



The mechanics of large river deltas - Rebecca Bell* - BP

Spectral studies of gravity and topography data in the central Pacific ocean-Cian Wilson*



A global study of plate rigidity based on the response of the lithosphere to loading - Michael Floyd*

Flexure at large continental volcanoes - James Humphreys


Tectonics and landscape evolution in Britain - Kimberley Richards

The structure of oceanic crust on the crest of the Cape Verde mid-plate swell -Katrina Beadle

Flexural loading of the West Antarctic lithosphere - Tom Jordan* - BP

Uplift of the Transantarctic Mountains - Kirsty Tinto*


Gravity anomalies, subsidence history and crustal structure of passive continental margins: The conjugate margins of East Coast, USA and Western Sahara - James Carver

* Proceeded to a Ph.D (12)
BP - BP Prize for best 4th year project (4)
S - Schlumberger Prize for best 4th year performance in Geophysics (3)
Shell - Shell Prize for best overall performance in 4th year (2)


3rd year Essays


Basin development: Plate processes Vs. dynamic topography


Mantle plumes: Geophysical evidence and dynamic models

Oceanic core complexes and their tectonic implications


To what extent do tectonics and climate change control sedimentary cycles?


Deep mantle plumes: fact or fiction?


Foreland basin flexure and deformation in fold and thrust belts

The strength of continental lithosphere: "jelly sandwich" or "crème-brûlé"?


Glacial isostasy and the viscosity structure of the Earth

The thermal and mechanical controls on the development of sedimentary basins

Plate flexure and the strength of Venusian lithosphere

Gravity anomalies at continental margins and their geological significance


Flexure on the terrestrial planets

Continental lithosphere: flexible plate or viscous sheet ?

Thermal history of sedimentary basins


Sedimentary basins and oil provinces


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